Suffolk schools’ federation day

Each year four small rural primary schools share a creative and lively day with a shared theme. This year Bealings school, Bucklesham Primary school, Nacton CEVCP school and Waldringfield Primary school focused upon the theme of, ‘appreciating our world’. Nacton school’s Headteacher, Liz Ditton invited the culture of the countryside project into the school for world art object handling sessions, with the four schools’ years 3 and 4. The pupils handled objects from Papua New Guinea, drew and discussed the masks, food hooks and other pieces with great interest and also collected and contrasted local and global vocabulary throughout the sessions. Many of the conversations developed into comparisons of lifestyles, including how the Sepik people travel very much by boats and that some of the school staff could re-call stories of travel to their schools by rowing boat or canoe.