Fibrefusion workshop day

On Tuesday 1st February eighteen Fibrefusion artists gathered at their regular venue at Cottenham Village College Cambridgeshire. The Sainsbury Centre outreach team had met with one of the members Sandra Duff at Sutton Hoo in 2009 at a lunchtime handling session. This experience provoked inspiration from the patterns on the objects and evidence of the tools used. This grew into focusing on how studying objects could stimulate and enhance the talented and inventive group of textile and embroidery designers. Most of the day was taken up with individual intense studying through handling, questioning, drawing and painting details of the Papua New Guinean handling collection. Some members of the group began creating 3d pieces using mixed media, whilst others talked and planned how their existing and ongoing artwork could benefit from the drawings and studies made. There was plenty of discussion about universal skills, the impulse to decorate and adorn and the value of creating in a collective environment.