Feedback from Antingham and South Repps Primary School

Here are responses from pupils and others to the work done with the CotC Project:


Wonderwall feedback Day 1: 27 April 2010 

At today’s event I… 

At today’s event I enjoyed going on the boardwalk finding things.  At today’s event I learned how to make masks.

Enjoyed making the masks, necklaces etc.

I enjoyed making the masks and costumes.

At today’s event I liked making the hats and masks.

Really liked making some masks.

Enjoyed making the masks and stuff.

I really enjoyed having the Sainsbury’s Centre coming in.

Today I really enjoyed making the face masks.

At today’s event I really enjoyed making my badge and decorating it!

At today’s event I really enjoyed it.  It was a BIG surprise.  I’m happy I wasn’t ill today.

Today’s event I liked making the mask, and I loved it.

At today’s event I enjoyed making the masks and outfits.

At today’s event I really enjoyed making masks and a lot of other stuff.  I also enjoyed looking at the exhibitions.

I made a cape and a dress that trailed along the ground. 


At today’s event I learned… 

That some of the objects that were brought in were used for very strange things.

Today I learned to make things using natural objects.

I learned how to hold presh [precious?] object. 


At today’s event I was surprised by… 

At today’s event I was surprised that [that’s? at?] what the people wore.

At today’s event I was surprised by the artefacts.  The class’s excitement during the day.

The culture of Papua New Guinea. 


At today’s event I felt… 

I felt happy.  I plest [am pleased? impressed?] with my work.

A lot of fun, and enjoyed learning about different cultures.

First I felt nervous and now I am really excited.

I felt pleased with my work.

Today’s event I felt really really happy and I enjoy[ed] myself.

At today’s event I felt really happy and cheerful! 



Wonderwall feedback: Day 2  18 May 2010 

At today’s event I felt 

At today’s event I felt happy. (Five students responded like this.)

At today’s event I felt bright.

I enjoyed putting elastic bands round my tie-dyeing.

I liked the colours.

I felt that the day was very fun.

I felt fantastic!!!

At today’s event I anticipated!  I really wanted to do the tie-dyeing!

I felt excited and happy!

At today’s event I felt exhausted and really happy. 


At today’s event I learned 

I learned how to dye. (Two students responded like this.) 


At today’s event I was surprised by 

I was surprised by the objects: they were amazing.

I was surprised by the patterns on the tie-dyeing.

I was surprised by the colours on the tie-dyeing.

I was surprised by the object that had so many parts. 


At today’s event I 

I did tie-dyeing. 


Responses from the class-teacher and other adults on Day 2 

The whole day was a great success.  It was wonderful to watch and listen to the children getting so involved with both the artefacts and their tie - dying.  The answers they gave were very mature and they related this work to other activities and projects that have taken place in class. 

The children enjoyed having an end product in their dyeing and were so excited and surprised by the results of their work.  It gave children the opportunity to look at another culture apart from their own and appreciate others' points of views. 

All children no matter their academic ability were working together, helping each other. It was interesting to observe that those who find academic work a struggle were shining through today, and were helping others.  It improved their self-esteem. 

Both David and Jacqui related so well to the children and the children felt they could approach them if they were unsure of what to do.  David and Jacqui were also very well organised.  [Sara] 

[During the day Sara spoke to me about the work done by David and Jacqui, saying: They bought everything with them and got so much from the young people.] 

The best thing about today?  The enthusiasm shown by the children.  They absolutely love it.  They all seem to have grasped it and got hold of it.  It's lovely that they have such a result to take away.  [Sue] 

The thinking-skills, the hypothesis-making, was very important in the morning session.  And also the look on their faces just now when they unwrap their tie-dyes: it's a look of pure joy.  It's a spiritual moment.  This day incorporates so many things that school should be for.  [Neil] 


Patrick Yarker

May 2010