Dalziel + Scullion - Wolf 2012

Dalziel and Scullion - Wolf - 2007

Dalziel + Scullion

Wolf 2012

21 minutes 28 seconds


Wolf is a short film by Scottish artists Dalziel + Scullion. The film is based around the story of the last wolf in Sutherland that is said to have been killed by hunter Polson around 1700. Wolf examines human failure to co-exist with large predators whose absence have had a fundamental impact on the ecology of the Scottish landscape. The film reflects on relationships between humans and animals and the consequences of fear and prejudice.

The film is collaboration between Dalziel + Scullion with music by Aidan O’Rourke and the narration written by Robin Lloyd-Jones.

The film was commissioned by Timespan Museum and Arts Centre, Helmsdale, Sutherland and was supported by Creative Scotland.