Cherry Grover: Horse language

(Written from Cherry's hand written notes)

Bait - feeding

Hoss - horse

Bang up tail - pat tail up to keep it out of mud and machinery

Crewe yard - where horses are kept in the yard

Stalls - where horses are fed, groomed and harnessed up

Whisp over - brush over and clean up

Outfin - working bridle

Seals - wooden-fits over col lar

Top latch - to keep seals on top of collar, especially put on for a quick release

Bottom latch - to keep seals on bottom of collar

Metre strap - to keep collar in place to prevent it from falling over head

Housen - fixed on top of collar to prevent rain going on shoulders between collar and horse

Ridger - chain that goes over side in ridge to fold up shafts

Wanty - belly band to prevent shafts going up in the air

Tugs, T chains and chucks - small chain fixed to collar to shafts for pulling vehicle

Fillers gear - complete set of shaft harness/filler in shafts

Plough back and crupper - harness for ploughing

Flyers - of bridle

Whipple tree - chains from horse fixed to these to prevent chains hitting horse

Pumple tree - fixed to harrows or used when pairs of horses needed

Gang of farrows - harrows for corn and grass

Tumbril - cart for muck carting and jobs around farm

Trace fork - extra horse put in front of one in cart for heavy loads

Cup cup, come here - turn to left

Whish ald horse - turn to right

Hub back - go backwards

Hub back, come here - back turn cart to right

Hub back, whish - back turning cart to left

Near side - left hand side of horse

Off side - right hand side of horse

Stetch work - ploughing field on stetches