The Art Lab: Changing Landscapes

The Art Lab is a new venture for the Sainsbury Centre which combines art display, new research in arts and sciences, contemporary artists’ projects, residencies and installations, art-making activities, facilities for study, small-scale publishing and programmes of talks, discussions and conferences. It links strongly with our outreach programmes and builds on work we have been undertaking over the last 5 years with different communities in East Anglia.



Thanks to new funding via the Interreg, cross-channel programme of the European Union Regional Development Fund, this programme will continue to develop, change and expand over the next two years under the overall project acronym of TAP (Time and Place).  Many colleagues from the Sainsbury Centre, from around the University and the region are collaborating to develop its activities alongside those of our project partners in the cross-channel border area between England and France. 

‘Changing Landscapes’ is the first of the TAP programme themes to be explored via the Sainsbury Centre’s Art Lab.

The partners are committed to making a contribution towards the cross-channel region as an attractive place to live in and visit, and to sharing cultural and heritage related activities to further this aim.

Partners are:

Fabrica Gallery, Brighton (lead partner)

Led by Lisa Finch and Liz Whitehead

The Ville de Calais: Musée de Beaux Arts de Calais

Led by Barbara Forest

The Communauté d’Agglomeration du Calaisis and the programme ‘Jardin des Arts’

Led by Stephen Touron and Vanessa Cuevas

The FRAC Basse Normandie, Caen

Led by Sylvie Froux.

The University of East Anglia: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Led by Veronica Sekules