Art and Biodiversity

Art and Biodiversity Summer School 2011

Throughout history the natural world has been a major source of inspiration for both artists and scientists, but it is now widely recognised that biodiversity is increasingly threatened by human activity. Many species are endangered as a consequence of habitat loss, climate change, pollution, overharvesting and the introduction of invasive alien species.


The Art and Biodiversity Partnership brings together artists, scientists, conservation experts, students and the public to raise awareness of the current biodiversity crisis and of the links between art and biodiversity. The Sainsbury Centre works with Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership, Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the School of Biological Sciences at UEA to encourage action through the arts, stimulate discussions and contribute to interdisciplinary co-operation between the arts and sciences.


For 2011 and 2012 the Partnership ran very successful Art and Bio summer schools for children exploring the rich diversity of the campus environment and the impact of biological observation and knowledge in the world art of the Sainsbury Centre’s collections. A series of discussions, study days and art-science partnership projects are planned for 2012-2014, funded by the UEA Alumni Support Fund, aiming to interest new students and a wider public in the exciting potential of cross-disciplinary cooperation. 


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