Themes: Music

Music traditions in East Anglia


Traditional tunes and songs

East Anglian traditional music is usually thought to be less distinctive than in other regions, tending to use tunes from all over the UK. There are also no traditional instruments particularly associated with East Anglia, although melodeons, fiddles and dulcimers are common.  Song traditions are more distinctive, especially those based on regional dialect, which are often humorous. Songs about the sea are also characteristic, often referring negatively to Napoleon or to the fishing industries. Traditional music sessions in pubs sometimes includes stepdancing, which adds a percussive element.


Music festivals in the countryside

The East Anglian countryside is increasingly a popular venue for outdoor music festivals, most notably Latitude, held near the coast in Henham Park, Southwold, and more recently Harvest at Jimmy's, in the rural area south of Ipswich, which celebrates both contemporary music and locally produced food.

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