Changing Landscapes (The Art Lab)

The Art Lab was a new venture for the Sainsbury Centre which combined art display, new research in arts and sciences, contemporary artists’ projects, residencies and installations, art-making activities, facilities for study, small-scale publishing and programmes of talks, discussions and conferences.

It linked strongly with our outreach programmes and built on work we have been undertaking over the last 5 years with different communities in East Anglia.

‘Changing Landscapes’ is the first of the TAP programme themes to be explored via the Sainsbury Centre’s Art Lab.

盆景 Penjing: Miniature Landscape, Eternal Paradise

Build your own penjing miniature landscape with the materials provided at the Sainsbury Centre's Changing Landscapes Arts Lab.


Lee Grandjean - From the Deep Woods - 2012

Lee Grandjean

From the Deep Woods


Oak branches, tin cans, paint


Dalziel and Scullion Tweed

Dalziel + Scullion bag


Woven tweed cloth, glass, leather