World Art

Working with world art and artists, schools and communities to reinterpret the cultural heritage of the countryside of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Culture of the countryside is a Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts outreach project.

Culture of the Countryside begins with a study of objects made in rural areas in different parts of the world.  These objects prompt us to ask questions and make observations. Objects give us new ways of seeing, and through them we look afresh at the contemporary countryside, at peoples and places, ways of life and beliefs, both here and elsewhere.  

Each project builds on local talent and experience and gives us a more creative and critical sense of ourselves. 

As one of our participants has said:
‘Culture of the Countryside has to do with the way people live and used to live; the values they have and the kinds of things they do. It is different from the culture of the town.’

These objects are selected from the University of East Anglia's teaching and handling collections which can be borrowed as part of the Sainsbury Centre's outreach programmes.