What is important about our countryside?

Two pupils from each class were selected to take part in a day of art workshops.

Before the day they were asked to bring something to school that meant “countryside”.

David Hulks led the sessions alongside Sarah Florence Nash, the artist, who came to work with the group. We began by talking about their items and about their own concepts of what ‘culture’ means.

Task 1 Draw their objects/plants and write thoughts and feelings about the countryside.

Task 2 Look at world maps to find Papua New Guinea.

They then put 2 blankets and layers of tissue paper on the tables and donned gloves before learning how to handle precious artefacts. Each pupil was able to handle a range of items from Papua New Guinea and to guess why the items were made. As the pupils visited each table they were encouraged to draw what they saw and to write questions about the objects on display and discuss the culture of Papua New Guinea and things that are important to the people.

Task 3 a visit to the gardens to look at our countryside. Pupils asked to suggest things that are important. They were then shown 8ft sections of 2”x2” planed wood. Walking round the garden they were asked to suggest ways that the poles might be used.

An archway leading into the woodland was the favourite idea.

Task 4 paper was wrapped around the pole to provide the 4 ‘faces’ to be decorated and ideas drawn onto it. Work in pairs

Task 5 paint the designs onto the pole