Patterns, marks, colours and textures

On Wednesday 13th July 2011 the Culture of the Countryside team visited Bacton First School on the North Norfolk Coast. The school is planning to become a Beach School and were keen to re-think and change their school garden to be more in keeping with the local environment. The whole school spent the morning learning about the context of the Papua New Guinean objects through slides, discussion and handling some of the centre’s outreach handling collection. The pupils drew analytical studies, measured, wrote, had scribed and shared the findings of their research before visiting local artist Belinda Opie showed the pupils 10+ pieces of her artwork pieces made from finds from the beach. The pupils found her pieces fun and fascinating and had lots of questions to ask Belinda. We then visited the local beach for our own finds of patterns, marks, colours and textures which would create a visual and found object ‘bank’ for the afternoon. Artist Georgina Warne developed the morning’s findings into 4 different activity areas generating the content for the beginnings of the garden. Natural local materials, clay, perspex paintings and plastic bottle creations all formed a continuation of the attention to detail such as materials used, natural patterns and colour. The final part of the day was spent taking the pupils’ creations in a procession to the new garden area to celebrate the garden’s beginning.