Wimbotsham and Stow Community School

Wimbotsham is a picturesque West Norfolk village with the primary school is at its centre.  The setting provided the theme for the Sainsbury Centre visit, which was to do with living in a rural area and going to a village school - this experience compared to how it might be both similar and different living in the rainforest and going to school in Papu New Guinea. The teacher, while happy with both days, felt they could have been better prepared if there had been a gap between the first and second visits.Pupils at Wimbotsham were asked to bring in objects from home or to choose objects from the project's countryside basket, which led to group discussions about what it was like to live in the countryside. They were then shown a range of artefacts from Papua New Guinea, which produced ideas about different rural traditions. The artist invited the pupils to draw a visual storystrip of their journey to school, and in the afternoon engaged them in art-making activities.

Wimbotsham and Stow Community School posts

Photographs from Wimbotsham and Stow Community School 21-04-10
Stewart, Patricia 21-04-11
Maufe, Sue 21-04-11