Weeting Primary School

Children at Weeting prepared for the first Culture of the Countryside visit by working on creation stories, based on religious mythologies.  These were shown (in the form of paintings) and read out (as mythical stories and poems) at the nearby heritage site, Weeting Castle.  The project artist also shared stories from her own culture, and in the afternoon children created 'water spirits' which were photographed against either leafy or watery backgrounds.  These initial explorations were deepened on the return visit just before Christmas, this time working with the idea of myth cycles based on the symbolism of the wheel.  The themes of mythology and cyclical time were derived from a wider theme that the school was already working on in the keystage 2 curriculum. This connected with objects from the Sainsbury Collection where the cycle of the sun was an essential feature, and allowed us to develop this theme into thinking about the seasons in the year and the festivals that mark different points in the calendar. 

Weeting Primary School posts

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Water spirits 18-10-10
Creation stories 18-10-10
Mythology and cyclical time 26-04-10