Stradbroke Primary School

This was a one day workshop, based on the cross-cultural theme of carving, and designed to be as productive as possible so that plenty of art work would be generated for the Wingfield Barns exhibition. Equally as important as the idea of carving, was the idea of colour, pattern and light, and the more spiritual aspects that carved imagery can convey.

Following stimulation from the Papua New Guinean carved objects brought from the museum, the children were then taken on a visit to their local church where they could discover and study carvings from their own culture and marvel at the imagery. These studies led to drawings, which were turned into perspex etchings, and made into prints. The children also used the scratched perspex and coloured inks to make stained glass fragments, destined for the exhibition at Wingfield Barns.

Stradbroke Primary School posts

Responses to Papua New Guinean carved objects 31-08-10
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A visit to their local church 18-10-10
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