Stibbard Primary School

 Stibbard approached the Sainsbury Centre to work collaboratively in the Fakenham area with them and associated cluster schools.  We worked with a single, highly motivated class, matching the teacher with a sympathetic artist.  Stibbard's work for Culture of the Countryside was initiated by introducing the children to artefacts from Papua New Guinea.  From this initial stimulus they went on to make more local connections, resulting in project work and various excursions to the countryside and the coast.  Various themes were explored at Stibbard in what became a very rich extended project. All themes however related to the local landscape as a historical and environmental resource and place to explore. The school was adept at bringing in different specialists who could introduce the pupils to different fields of interest, including comparison with other cultures. Mainly however the project was rooted in the Norfolk countryside, and represented an open-ended inquiry steered mainly by the teacher in close negotiation all the time with his pupils.