Sparhawk Infant School and Nursery

At Sparhawk Infant & Nursery school, the Sainsbury Centre Team worked with volunteers and guides from the museum to provide in collaboration with staff from the school a variety of different parallel workshops for children of infant and nursery school age. All classes started with stimulus from the Paget collection of objects from Australia and Papua New Guinea. they went on to have discussions, to make stories, and to involve themselves in artwork.

Sparhawk Infant School and Nursery posts

Paintings 07-04-10
Questions about the objects (day one) 07-04-10
Questions and stories (day two) 07-04-10
Day two 07-04-10
Discussions, stories and artwork (day one) 26-04-10
Warne, Georgina 27-10-11
Mingaye, Michele 21-04-11
McNeill, Paul 21-04-11
Meakin, Marney 21-04-11
Hodges, Kate 21-04-11
Cochran, Andy 21-04-11
Botwright, Geoffrey 21-04-11
Robinson, Matthew 21-04-11