Mundesley Encounters

Part funded by Contemporary Art Norwich and inspired by the SCVA's Polska! year Summer exhibition, 'The Art of Tadeusz Kantor', four local artists developed original and compelling performances and workshops in the North East Norfolk village of Mundesley. Tadeusz Kantor was an artist and theatrical entrepreneur who was incredibly sensitive to his heritage, making work, like his plays ‘The Dead Class’, or ‘Wielopole Wielopole’, which was often rooted in intensely local and personal experience and memories. The artists derived ideas from his work and working with the Mundesley Players, Paston College and local residents, they made entirely new interpretations of a Polish artist and director's style, bringing them to life by drawing in local interest and involvement.

An article on 'Mundesley Encounters' by BBC Norfolk

'Time and Duration' by Marcela Trsova

One of Kantor’s seminal works, Panoramic Sea Happening, inspired a new beach movement performance choreographed by Marcela Trsova: 'Time and duration', a meditation on coastal erosion.  


Julia Parry Jones 'Extraordinary'

For Julia Parry Jones' 'Extraordinary', a group of local people selected artifacts from the 7 Hour Home, which they altered and embellished to create a new heritage, celebrating their associations


'Beyond Portraiture' by Jacqui Jones

Jacqui Jones photographed some 40 local residents and the resulting film was projected on Mundesley maritime Museum and celebrated with a large party on the green.


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