James Bradfield Primary School

  At James Bradfield, we took children outside to make rubbings, and followed through with a workshop about the historical connection between Stoke Ferry and the postal service.  For the return visit, a different artist engaged the pupils in weaving with paper and incorporating into their work references to a walk around the village. This included a visit to the local church, normally not open to the public, and rich with pattern and symbolism.Our initial idea was to make connections between the Sainsbury centre objects and the history of Stoke Ferry in connection with the Postal Service. This developed in a different direction however with the opportunity on a second visit for pupils to visit the local church, now in private hands.  The opening up of the church revealed heritage connections stretching much further back in time. Pupils were also asked to look for textures and patterns in the village, which further sensitized them to the heritage aspects of the built environment.  

James Bradfield Primary School posts

References to a walk around the village 21-04-10