Hainford Primary School

The children at Hainford made comparisons between their own strongly rural traditions and those in rural Papua New Guinea, working in parallel with the whole school. After studying the objects from the museum and thinking about life in a very different rural environment, the focus was reset to look at nature and farming in the immediate environment, via a visit from a local countryman and ferret-keeper. After the Sainsbury centre visit, the children and teachers went on to develop their own ideas independently, recycling broken chairs to create an outdoor sculpture exhibition, combining the countryside theme with other themes from other classes.The theme at Hainford was 'Enlarging the small - finding pattern and creating narratives.'  As at Frettenham, the intention was to use art activity as a way of generating conversations and discussions about countryside traditions and the local environment. As well as the strong part played by local ferret-keeper, Geoffrey Botwright, the community Gardening Club offered opportunities for extending the countryside theme.

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