Fressingfield Primary School

The very young children at this school responded enthusiastically to the stimulus provided by both their own countryside objects and the objects from Papua New Guinea which began their project. They made detailed drawings which helped their observation skills. They went on to make flowers, stepping stones and decoratively inhabited logs for a multi-media art garden. Working sensitively with their teachers, this garden has developed as an expression of their responses to their experience of countryside, and of the new observations from the objects and projects brought by the museum and our staff and artists. 


The initial theme of local wildlife in the countryside developed to become more clearly focused on wildlife in gardens. This fitted with the school's intention to make artworks for their garden area, from which the idea of stepping stones arose. 

Fressingfield Primary School posts

Flowers, stepping stones and decoratively inhabited logs 14-06-10
Local wildlife in the countryside 14-06-10
Wingfield Barns 29-04-11
Warne, Georgina 27-10-11
Sharraff, Sarah 21-04-11
Jackson, Marilyn 21-04-11