Duchy of Lancaster Primary School

The first day's workshop at the Duchy of Lancaster began with looking at palm-sized stone carvings from ancient Mexico and Central America. These stimulated thoughts about archeological treasures, which was the related to discovering 'treasures' in the local church.  In the art workshop, children made their own treasures related to the local countryside and history of the village, and these were carefully placed in folded paper boxes.  On the return visit, the treasure theme was extended by looking at the bower bird in Papua New Guinea.  The children worked as a whole class to make an extraordinary bower out of string and coloured wool in the gymnasium, a feature that attracted the whole school to come and see what the pupils had been working on.  Treasures from the first day were finally installed in the bower.The theme identified for the Duchy of Lancaster Methwold Primary School was treasure, picking up on and extending the work pupils had already done as well as suggesting good links with local resources including the church. The theme of treasure allowed us to investigate pupils' thoughts about value, including an exercise looking at how to value objects from the Culture of the Countryside basket.School website: http://www.methwold-pri.norfolk.sch.uk/

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