Corton CEVCP School

Corton can claim to be one of the most easterly schools in Britain, its surroundings particularly affected by the effects of coastal erosion, accelerated by climate change. While this was the project's starting point, it was also decided to be positive rather than negative, hence the title adopted: 'Leaving our Mark.' It was noticed that an interesting feature of Corton was its history as a Colman village, evidence for which was everywhere in the form of terracotta plaques on many of the houses. Just as Colman, the mustard manufacturer, had made his mark on Corton, so would the children leave their mark, in a simialr way. The main project then became to decorate the outside of the adjacent village hall, using ceramic processes and referring to aspects of the local surroundings. While coastal erosion was an aspect of this, making us think of loss and wearing away, permanence was also important and the idea of recording our presence today.

Corton CEVCP School posts

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