Clackclose Primary School

The workshop activities at Clackclose were run over two consecutive days, based on detailed observation of Papua New Guinean artefacts from the SCVA's world art collections.  Children were able to compare landscapes in Melanesia with their own fenland landscape, today and in the past, for example by looking at various satellite views of local field systems.  Feltmaking provided an engaging way of expressing their enjoyment of surrounding field and waterway patterns.Children at Clackclose in Downham Market were encouraged to compare landscapes in Melanesia to their own surrounding farm and fenland landscape, including features such as the drainage channels.  Contextual information included not only the history of drainage of the fens but also possible futures where water might once again be a prominent feature of the landscape.

Clackclose Primary School posts

Comparing landscapes in Melanesia with their own fenland landscape 18-10-10
Stewart, Patricia 21-04-11
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