Bungay Middle School

Bungay Middle school participated in the pilot project, and has kept in touch ever since. In September 2009 we returned for a two day workshop, this time with a range of pre-Columbian artefacts from Mexico, Central and South America. The stimulus from these objects led to questions about identity and young people's sense of place, generating 'poetic phrases' which were installed around the school. In the afternoon pupils developed their ideas by making a wide range of personal and symbolic objects in mixed media. At the end of the day, these were displayed in an outdoor courtyard.

The theme for our return to Bungay was 'objects and the stories they tell' specifically about a particular place. By looking at Mesoamerican artefacts and thinking about the unique environments of Mexico and Central America, we wanted to encourage young people to think about their own environment, and how that shaped their sense of themselves.