The Ark Childrens Centre

The Sure Start Ark Children's Centre at Lowestoft was visited on two separate occasions, first in June, then in July. On the first day children and their families were invited to study the objects from Papua New Guinea, then taken on a family walk to the park, foraging for materials on the way, and listening for sounds. Back at the Centre, the objects, and the memories they contained, were stuck onto large sheets of paper and displayed. For the return visit, on a very sunny day, the children dressed up and worked with an artist, Jacqui Jones, to make islands with flags in their outdoor area. The islands were given treasures and foods to trade with one another, like the Trobriand islanders in the South Pacific. The day ended with water drumming.

The Ark Childrens Centre posts

Walk to the park, foraging for materials 18-10-10
Islands 18-10-10
Packman, Brenda 21-04-11
Jones, Jacqui 29-04-11