Antingham & Southrepps Primary School

On both days, the museum objects in the Paget Collection provided strong starting points for further exploration and discovery. On the first day the main activity was making parade masks, costumes and props, using natural materials gathered from the boardwalk area. These were then worn and snaked through the whole school, with an accompanying chant. For the return visit we concentrated on what could be done with the dying process, based on the plant material woad. The artist, Jacqui Jones, showed the pupils various techniques that would produce different results, as well as introducing them briefly to the history of woad and showing them how the plant is grown. Lines were erected at the front of the school, on which the children's experiment were both dried and displayed.

The overall theme for the Griffon cluster was Routes and Pathways, which at Southrepps was interpreted to refer to patterns and tracking in the natural environment. Both days were very strongly stimulated by local visits to reed beds, wetlands and woodland areas - all within very easy reach from the school.